Community Grants

Who can apply?

Voluntary groups and societies, clubs, not-for-profit organisations, charities operating in the islands where the benefit will be for the Isles of Scilly, schools, play schools, etc.

Who cannot apply?

Regional or National charities are unlikely to be supported unless it is for a specific project in the Islands where there will be obvious benefit to the Council's area

What does the Council give grants for?

  • Capital projects, such as the purchase of equipment, works to buildings, improvements to premises.

  • The Council does not normally give grants towards running costs, salaries or consumables.

  • The Council may support a community event, a festival or special event in commemoration which is held within the Isles of Scilly.

Are there any criteria or conditions?

  • The Council does have a set of criteria which can be downloaded from the Council's website. This gives more details about how the grant scheme operates.

  • Grant recipients are expected to provide a report to the Council on how the grant has been spent; this report may be in person to the Council, or may appear on the Council's website.

  • Grants will not be payable to or for any commercial venture for private gain.

  • If a Club has permanent bar premises from which it can raise an income, award of a grant will be at the Council's discretion.

How much is likely to be given?

At the discretion of the Council. Members will have the opportunity to consider your application and will determine, on the individual merits of each application, the level of funding they will provide.

How often are grant applications considered?

  • At every meeting of Full Council - presuming applications have been received.

  • Completed applications must be received at the Council's offices at least 2 weeks before the date of the meeting, to allow checks to be carried out as to completeness and to obtain any further information that may be necessary.

  • Completed applications must be accompanied by all the documents listed on the grant application form.

How do I apply

  • Application forms may be downloaded from here or from obtained from the reception in the Town Hall.  Please read the list of criteria before completing a form, and remember to include a set of accounts and/or costings.

  • Dates of Full Council meetings can also be found on the website. See the committee calendar for details of scheduled meetings.

Further Information?

Contact the Assistant: Democratic Services and Corporate Development on 01720 424041 or