An Overview

The Isles of Scilly Fire and Rescue Service is one of the smallest, if not the smallest, in the country and consists of 5 stations on 5 separate islands - St. Mary’s, St. Agnes, Bryher, Tresco and St. Martin’s.  In addition there is a station at the Airport.  Staffing comprises of a Chief Fire Officer, a Group Manager, 39 firefighters and an Administration Officer.

Each island is staffed according to its requirements.

St. Mary’s being the largest and with most risk has 13 firefighters plus 4 volunteers, St. Agnes 7 firefighters plus 2 volunteers, Bryher 5 firefighters and 2 volunteers, Tresco 5 firefighters plus 2 volunteers, St. Martin’s 7 firefighters and 1 volunteer.

The Station Manager and the two Watch Managers are responsible for all crews across the islands and are based on St. Mary’s.

Crews are alerted by Fire Control (provided by Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service under a Service Level Agreement) in Truro.  Any call for an off island means they will alert the island concerned plus the nearest adjoining island and St. Mary’s.

All stations have at least a light portable pump plus 1 Hathaway/Honda lightweight pump and foam making capability.  Tresco and St. Agnes have a limited capacity to deal with vehicle rescues by carrying Crash Rescue Equipment (CRE).

St. Mary’s being the largest station carries all of the specialist equipment for chemical incidents, road traffic crashes or lifting incidents.

All the stations are multi agency with the off island stations housing the WCAS co-responders and HM Coastguard auxiliaries and their equipment.  St. Mary’s houses the ambulance only as the Coastguards have their own facilities at Telegraph Hill.

Due to the size of the service our Chief Fire Officer is part time and provides his services from Cornwall and crosses over to the islands on a monthly basis to ensure that the service is meeting performance standards and maintains its functionality and operational service delivery.  Importantly he attends Council meetings and meets the firefighters and updates them on how the service is performing.

6 of the firefighters are also employed at St. Mary’s Airport and are CAA licensed firefighters, this also ensures close cross fertilisation between the 2 services.

Each station contains vehicle housing, lecture and office facilities, staff facilities.  The off islands (St. Agnes, Bryher, Tresco and St. Martin’s) are all designed to provide a community emergency co-ordination centre and share their accommodation with the Coastguard, Ambulance service and police.

The station at the airport provides two vehicles equipped to meet the regulatory requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority category 3 aerodrome.  A minimum crew of 4 members of staff are required at all times the airport is in operation with a staff of 10 firefighters fulfilling this requirement.  The Airport has its own section on the Council’s website.


You can read a copy of the Fire & Rescue Services current Action Plan Here