Defects on the Highway

The Council as the Highway Authority on St.Mary's is required to maintain it's highways to standards that are equivalent of their status and use. To ensure this happens, regular safety inspections are undertaken.

As part of maintaining the highways on St.Mary's the Council work with other local organisations and residents to ensure that all roadside trees, hedges and verges are maintained and managed in the correct way to prevent, as far as possible, the obstruction of roads.

Owners and Occupiers are Required to:

· Trim roadside hedges and trees so that growth does not impair the safety of highway users. This includes any hedges that directly abut any Public Right of Way.

· Trim roadside hedges and trees to maintain visibility, particularly at junctions, on the inside of bends and at passing-places.

· Remove dead or decaying trees and other growth likely to fall across the highway.

· Remove branches and other growth that may prevent the passage of high-sided vehicles or obstruct light from a public street light.

If you would like some more information on how you can help maintain and manage and growth from your premises that borders on the highway you can download our Roadside Tree & Hedge Management leaflet.


If you have any concerns or wish to report a fault in the highways, such as potholes on St. Mary’s please contact Infrastructure and ask to speak to a member of the team.

Infrastructure 01720 424316 |