Highways, Application Forms

To allow a company or householder to carry out work that may affect the highway, the Council requires them to complete one of the following forms and provide them with the relevant insurance documents. You can download one of our application forms and return it to Infrastructure department at the Town Hall or email it to infrastructure@scilly.gov.uk.

When planning such work the Council ask that at least twenty eight days notice is given, as all applications need to be assessed to ensure that their will be no danger or inconvenience caused to local businesses or the public.

  • Breaking Open the Highway
  • Erect Scaffolding or Hoarding on the Highway
  • Place a Skip or Container on the Highway
  • Closure of the Highway

For more information on specific requirements to enable a company or member of the public to carry out the above work effecting the highway, or if you have any concerns regarding a current application, please contact a member of the Infrastructure Team.

Infrastructure: 01720 424450 | infrastructure@scilly.gov.uk