Commercial Waste

Commercial business rates do not include the disposal of trade/commercial waste. A commercial enterprise must arrange waste removal with the Council or another licenced waste carrier. It is the responsibility of the trader to dispose of their waste in accordance with the Duty of Care Act 1990. Please note that businesses have a Duty of Care to ensure that all waste is stored and disposed of responsibly.

What is Duty of Care?

The Duty of Care is a law which says that businesses must take all reasonable steps to keep waste safe. Waste must be stored safely and securely and must not cause pollution to people or the environment.

The waste must be packaged in suitable containers so that it cannot fall out, blow away or escape from the receptacle.

It must be secured against unauthorised removal as far as is reasonably practical. Security should be sufficient to prevent the breaking open of containers and removal of waste by seagulls, other animals or the weather.

Commercial Waste Collections

The Council provides a commercial collection and disposal service for residual 'black' bag waste. If you wish to receive a collection for your businesses commercial waste please contact the Infrastructure team on 01720 424450 or email .

Off-island commercial waste disposal.

What is the Cost for this Service?

Non Domestic Business Rates (NDRs) do not cover the removal or disposal of waste from business premises, the Council will remove and dispose of waste from commercial businesses for the cost of a pre-paid commercial waste sack.

Please note, if your property is ‘residential’ (where an element of Council Tax is paid) then you are allowed two standard black sacks per week for non-commercial (residential) waste. Holiday lets that are subject to Council Tax (rather than Non-Domestic Rates) are classed as ‘residential’ properties and therefore you are allowed 1 domestic bin of waste per week for that property. This means that there will only be a charge for waste collection where additional bins of waste on top of this allowance are produced as a result of letting the property as holiday accommodation.  

Please see the attached request form for commercial waste sacks (in the menu to the right near the top of this webpage). This form should be completed by Commercial Waste Customers only (owners/occupiers of properties which are Non-Domestic Rated). 

If you have any queries or would like any assistance please contact the Infrastructure team by calling 01720 424450 or email


Commercial Waste Disposal & Recycling at the Porthmellon Site

Commercial businesses wishing to dispose of waste at the Porthmellon Waste Site must have all the necessary PPE and adhere to the sites strict safety regulations. Commercial businesses can deliver waste to the site on:

Monday: 13.00-16.45

Wednesday: 13:00 - 16:45

​Friday: 13:00 - 15:45

You will be required to weigh all waste and recycling by type of material on entry to the waste site, and will be charged accordingly per tonne.

All commercial vehicles will need a permit in order to enter the waste site. Permits can be applied for at the Council's customer service hub's at the Library or the Wellbeing Centre. The application process is simple and should only take a few minutes. However, before you can apply for a permit from the Council you will be required to be a licensed waste haulier with the Environment Agency. Permits supplied by the Council are detailed below.

If you are not a licenced waste haulier you are able to apply via the online link shown below and should take no more than fifteen minutes.

What commercial vehicle permits are issued for the disposal of Commercial Waste only by the Council?

1 Month Permit                         £18.00
8 Month Permit                         £120.00
12 Month Permit                         £165.00

What is a commercial type vehicle, and what is trade/commercial waste?

Commercial vehicles are those that are designed to carry goods, not people. They have no rear seats and/or no rear windows, and/or an open back, or a back which is separate to the main cab area.

Trade waste is defined as waste arising from any trade or business, industrial or commercial activity. All traders should adhere to a Duty of Care, which sets out their responsibilities to dispose of waste, and they should also have a current Waste Carriers Licence from the Environment Agency.

What is the Cost of Delivering Commercial Waste to the Porthmellon Waste & Recycling Site?

Please see the downloadable links on the side of this page for the current Fees and Charges for commercial waste at the Porthmellon Waste & Recycling Site.

Do I need a permit for my vehicle?

Please see the Schedule attached showing vehicles which need a permit. A permit will be required for commercial type vehicles which are those designed to carry goods. Vehicles designed to carry people, i.e. with both seats and windows, will not require a permit

Any vehicle which requires a permit will not be allowed on site with a trailer of any size. Other vehicles may use a trailer, although should consult the attached sheet for further information.

Trailers whose internal dimensions have been adapted will be measured according to their original internal length.

What if I use my commercial vehicle for domestic delivery?

Residents who use a vehicle that requires a permit for disposing of domestic waste (ie delivering and disposing waste from their home) can claim a Temporary Vehicle Permit from the One Stop Shop at the Town Hall. This allows a household, when using a vehicle that requires a permit, a maximum of 12 individual visits to the Porthmellon Waste Site to dispose of household waste in the 12 month period from date of issue of the permit.

On the expiry of the 12 month period or the completion of 12 visits, if this occurs later, you must apply for a new permit. Permits are free of charge to householders on St Mary's, St Agnes, Bryher and St Martins. Only one permit is allowed per household. If you have more than one vehicle, you must decide which one you want to register.

How do I obtain a permit or renew an existing permit?

Both a Commercial Vehicle Permit and a Temporary Vehicle Permit can be obtained from one of the Council's Customer Service Hub's (at the Library or Wellbeing Centre). If you have lost your permit, changed vehicle or completed your 12 visits, provided the 12 month period has expired, you should apply to renew your permit. 

Construction & Demolition Waste

The Council cannot accept commercial construction and demolition waste (including mixed construction skips, tiles and ceramics, excavated soils and aggregate, mixed rubble and plasterboard) due to site space restrictions and resources.