Water & Sewerage

The Council of the Isles of Scilly is the only Local Authority that acts as a Water Authority in England and Wales; by doing so we provide water to around one thousand and seventy domestic properties on St.Mary’s and Bryher. We are also responsible for the sewerage infrastructure on St.Mary's The Council of the Isles of Scilly has received funding from DEFRA to improve some areas of the water infrastructure, the details of which are given below.

Buzza Reservoir Improvement Works

The work to rebuild Buzza Reservoir has been funded by DEFRA as part of a £1.5m infrastructure improvement programme. The original reservoir was never fully utilised as it developed incurable leaks soon after its construction in 1924. The new reservoir which has been built inside the original construction should allow the maximum intended capacity of the reservoir to be achieved and should help to ensure that adequate supplies remain available to all of our customers and consumers in Hugh Town.

New Desalination Plant

The new desalination plant has been commissioned and now up and running. A firm called Kirton Engineering built the plant for the Council. The replacement of this vital piece of infrastructure will ensure that we continue to benefit from this sustainable water source and diversify our supply in the future.

Bryher Water Improvements

Two replacement tanks and sampling facilities are being installed on Bryher to improve the water facilities on the island. Two new boreholes have also been drilled for sustainability of the supply and to ensure continuity of the water service on Bryher. If you require assistance with your water or sewerage service then please complete the form below, or contact Infrastructure: 01720 424316 | infrastructure@scilly.gov.uk

Non-Mains Drainage

There are a very limited number of public drainage systems to connect to on the Isles of Scilly meaning that private drainage arrangements such as septic tanks are often necessary. Guidance on the disposal of sewage where no mains drainage is available can be found here.