How can Children's Social Care help children and young people with SEN or a disability?

Children's Social Care Services on the Isles of Scilly offer a broad range of support to families and children from pre-birth to transition into adulthood. 

The Children's Social Care team can be contacted on 01720 424354 or by email

For children with disabilities

For children and young people who have disabilities or additional needs, an assessment is completed to determine the right level of support offered.  This may be practical or emotional support, as well as access to a short breaks personal budget.  Please click here for thresholds and eligibility criteria.

Getting children back on track

For children and young people without disabilities or additional needs, short term family support can be offered (according to certain eligibility criteria) to help families get back on track. 

This could be from Children's Social Care alone, or as part of a multi agency approach. 

Welfare concerns

In circumstances where there is concern for a child or young person's welfare, whether or not they have a disability or additional need, Children's Social Care can be called upon to do an assessment of the situation and,if necessary, arrange multi agency “Child in Need” meetings to develop and review a “Child in Need Plan”. For more information click here. This plan would focus on improving the child or young person's situation.  

Children at risk

If there is a concern about potential or actual harm to a child or young person, whether or not they have a agency child protection conferences and core group meetings would be arranged to develop and review a child protection plan.  This plan would focus on reducing the actual and potential risks to the child or young person. 

Foster care

For children and young people who are not able to live at home, whether or not they have a disability or additional need, Children's Social Care will arrange where they can live, and ensure that they are taken care of.  

Children's Social Care works with Cornwall Family Placements services to recruit foster carers and short breaks carers to ensure these children and young people have a family life.  When necessary, residential homes may be commissioned by Children's Social Care too.  For more information see our Fostering page.