Pregnancy and the Early Years

Are you pregnant, living on the Isles of Scilly, and in need of some help and advice? 

Or maybe you’re a parent with young babies and/or toddlers, and need to know what you can do and where you can go?  

There is an incredible amount of support on Scilly for both parents-to-be and parents to pre-school children. 

Whether you need health advice and support or want to find out about local toddler activity groups, or how you can access social care provision on the islands if your child has special needs, all the information is here, relating to Healthcare, Children’s Centre Activities, Support for Pre-school Children with disability or additional needs, Access Funding, Benefits and Children's Social Care.

  • What happens when I find out I am expecting a child?
  • What support can I expect from health professionals?
  • How can I find out about benefits?
  • How can I access early years provision if I live on Tresco, St. Agnes, Bryher or St. Martins?
  • How can Children's Social Care help?
  • How can I meet other families who have a child with SEN or a disability?

For answers to all these questions contact our Children & Family Services team who will be please to help and support you: 01720 424490