Community Fund

Under the terms of the Local Government Act 2000, the Council of the Isles of Scilly is permitted to give financial assistance to any organisation or individual where it considers this will be likely to promote or improve the economic, social or environmental wellbeing of the islands.

In accordance with this, the Council sets aside an annual budget of £3,500 for a Community Fund. Once this budget has been allocated no further applications will be progressed in the financial year.

We welcome applications for grants in support of community events and capital projects, such as the purchase of equipment and works to buildings. Recent successful applicants (2016/17) include:

  • St Martin’s Cricket Club – £1,000 to support the construction of a new pavilion and equipment storage area
  • The ‘Telegraph 200’ project – £750 to support the construction of a temporary replica semaphore mast marking the 200th anniversary of the semaphore station
  • The Isles of Scilly Folk Club – £500 to support the Folk Festival


Who can apply?

In a word, anyone.

Applications are welcomed from voluntary groups and societies, clubs, not-for-profit organisations, local charities, schools, nurseries and individual members of the public.

We also welcome applications from regional and national charities where the grant is likely to benefit the Isles of Scilly.

Grants will not be made to or for any commercial venture for private gain.

Making an application

Applications for grants should be made using the application form in the Community Fund Policy.

If the proposed grant is intended for working with or providing services to children or vulnerable adults, details of safeguarding arrangements must be provided.

Organisations must supply a set of accounts, or a financial statement, for the last financial year.

Detailed cost estimates and/or quotations relating to how the grant would be spent would help to support the application.

Provided that the completed application is received two weeks in advance and otherwise meets the Council’s requirements, it will be considered at the next meeting of Full Council. Members may:

  • Approve an application for the amount requested
  • Approve an application but for a reduced amount
  • Reject an application


Grants will not be made retrospectively where expenditure has already been incurred.

Grants will not be made for revenue items, e.g. ongoing expenses or staffing costs.

When considering an application, Members will take into account the amount of money being raised by the applicant from other sources.

Where a grant is made by the Council of the Isles of Scilly, this should be recognised in any publicity – including by the Council’s logo being displayed. A logo will be provided.

If a grant is not used for the purposes for which it was awarded within 12 months, the recipient will be required to repay the money to the Council. Extensions may be allowed at the Council’s discretion. If a grant is used other than for the purposes for which it was awarded the recipient will be required to repay the money to the Council.

Applicants will be required to provide receipts or such other proof as the Council may reasonably require as evidence of how the grant was spent.

For further details, please refer to the Assistant: Democratic Services & Corporate Development on 01720 424041 or