Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency


In April 2019, the Council unanimously adopted a motion to declare a Climate Emergency and to achieve zero carbon by 2030.  Following the Councils declaration of a Climate Emergency, the Climate Emergency Working Group was established and recommended to Full Council on 15 October 2019 that the existing Climate Change Strategy (2011) required a complete review and a Climate Change Action Plan be developed.

The Council is currently preparing a Climate Change Action Plan, due to go to Full Council by October 2021.


What we are doing to tackle the problem

Despite the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, the Council has continued to make significant progress towards carbon reduction and increased resilience in the face of a changing climate. Key milestones are set out below. 

  • At Full Council in February 2021, Members adopted the revised Corporate Plan 2019-2022, which sets out the Council’s top priorities, principles, requirements and targets on carbon reduction and climate change. This is a clear strategic public commitment to addressing the issues of climate change here on the Isles of Scilly.
  • Since March 2020, primarily due to Covid, Council staff have been working from home where they can. A forthcoming Hybrid Working Policy will soon be brought to Full Council for adoption, embracing some of the welcome low carbon working practices brought about by the pandemic.
  • Carbon emissions associated with travel between islands and to and from the mainland have reduced as a result of the pandemic. A positive impact, which will be further reinforced moving forwards with the adoption of more virtual working practices and the Council’s 30% cut in the travel budget
  • The Smart Islands programme has continued to be delivered, with the completion of the Hitachi led Smart Energy Islands project and Business Energy Efficiency Grants. The only live current project is the electric vehicle and charging infrastructure project , Go-EV, which is nearing completion.
  • The network of Go-EV electric vehicle charging points, solar canopies, and electric vehicles available for hire to the community and businesses across all five islands will reinforce and prepare our infrastructure ready for the future and provide a low carbon transportation choice to the community.
  • The Council’s Operational Services team are using the Go-EV vans as part of their daily activity, alongside this, the service is working with the Energy Saving Trust to review the entire vehicle fleet in line with the Council’s objective to be zero carbon by 2030. A new grant funded electric vehicle is due for delivery later this month which will provide a brand new kerbside electrical waste collection service.
  • Five other major installations of solar PV panels are generating electricity on the Councils commercial properties, saving the Council money, and cutting carbon as part of the Smart Energy Islands project. Furthermore, the Business Energy Efficiency Scheme has been completed and enabled many businesses on Scilly to access financial support to install energy efficiency measures and/or renewable energy.
  • In addition to the renewable energy installations on 82 Council homes installed as part of the SEI project, the Council has worked collaboratively with Cornwall Council to acquire retrofit funding for more of our social housing and is also promoting energy efficient new homes through the Housing Delivery programme.
  • The Council has developed a Responsible Procurement Policy which assesses the environmental, social and economic impacts of procurement decisions and ensures mitigations are in place where significant negative impacts are identified. One recent procurement is the successful switch to 100% renewable electricity tariff from 1st April 2021.
  • The Council’s Waste Reduction Strategy is being reviewed in line with Government requirements and the Environment Bill and Waste and Resources Strategy.


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