Commercial Waste Collections

Non-Domestic Business Rates (NDRs) do not cover the removal or disposal of waste from business premises. The Council will remove and dispose of waste from commercial businesses for the cost of a pre-paid commercial waste sack.  If your property is dual rated, where an element of element of Council Tax i.e. because of a manager's flat, you are entitled to one residual 'black bag' waste sack and one recycling (blue household) as well as your commercial sacks. If you require more than this allowance, please ensure you contact

Holiday lets that are subject to Council Tax (rather than Non-Domestic Rates) are classed as ‘residential’ properties, and therefore, are allowed up 2 domestic waste and 2 household recycling sacks collected per week. There will only be a charge for waste collection where additional sacks on top of this allowance are produced as a result of letting the property as holiday accommodation. 

You can also arrange a commercial waste collection from another licensed waste carrier or bring your waste to the St Marys Waste and Recycling Centre yourself. Items will be weighed, and you will be charged accordingly. For a full list of prices, please see our Commercial Fees and Charges page. You must book a slot via or 01720 424400 before visiting the site.

It is the responsibility of the trader, to dispose of their waste in accordance with the Duty of Care Act 1990. They must also ensure that all waste is stored and disposed of responsibly.

Commercial waste and recycling sacks can be sold in rolls of 25 or individually. They can be purchased over the counter at the St Mary’s Library, or Carn Gwaval Wellbeing Centre. If you live on an off island and are unable to collect your sacks, we do offer a delivery service (please note that there is an additional charge for this service if a freight number is not provided). If you would like to order commercial sacks please complete the Commercial Sack Request form and return to

Off island commercial waste producers must purchase the pre-paid sacks to cover the cost of processing, transporting and disposing of their waste produced.

How Can I Reduce the Cost of Commercial Waste?

​Disposal of waste will normally cost more than recycling and should always be your last choice.

Reducing the amount of waste your business produces will always save money. An audit of your waste and recycling will show where wastage occurs and could help you form a waste reduction plan. 

What do i include in my commercial recycling sack?

Click here to download a PDF of our waste and recycling guidance. 


All items must be clean & dry and free from contaminants such as food, and glitter.

  • Paper
  • Card
  • Plastic bottles
  • Plastic pots, tubs & trays
  • Household metals (aerosols, tin foil, tin cans).


  • Glass bottles & jars (we recycle these locally and so need to be taken to a bottle bank)
  • Paper of card with glue, glitter, embellishments or ribbons
  • Drink cartons
  • Tetra Pak 
  • Water filters 
  • Coffee pods
  • Pet food pouches
  • Baby food pouches
  • Plastic film & wrapping

If you put items in your recycling that we can’t accept, all the recycling may be rejected.

What do I include in my residual commercial waste sacks?

Please put all non-recyclable items in your grey commercial waste sack i.e. food waste, soiled products, nappies, sanitary, plastic films and wrapping.

Your commercial waste sacks should not contain any bulky, hazardous or electrical waste.

Where do I take other material I need to dispose of?

Materials such as, glass, fabrics, garden waste, scrap metal items, large rigid plastic items, household & garden chemicals, need to be brought to your local waste & recycling site for safe disposal / further recycling. Please contact or call 01720 424400 to book a slot to bring your items to the St Marys Waste and Recycling Centre.  

Containing Your Waste  

It is really important that we all make every effort to contain our waste & recycling properly. Strewn waste poses a significant health issue for our wildlife, our environment and our community. It also places an unnecessary burden on the waste & recycling collection team.

Until we collect your waste and recycling, it is your responsibility to make sure it is contained properly so that pests or weather cannot strew it around.

We recommend that you put your waste into either a seagull/pest proof sack, (which can be packed away between collections so don’t take up valuable space,) a bin with a lid, or a wheelie bin (up to 240ltrs).

Report a Missed Collection

All material needs to be placed at your waste collection point by 8.30a.m on the day of your collection. 

If your waste and recycling has not been collected by 4.30p.m on your collection day, please email or call 01720 424450 (voicemail only).