Commercial Waste Collections

The Council provides a commercial collection and disposal service for residual 'black' bag waste and dry mixed recycling of cardboard, paper, cans, plastic tubs pots and trays, plastic bottles on St Marys and St Martin's. If you wish to receive a collection for your business’ commercial waste, please contact the Infrastructure team on 01720 424450 or email
Off island commercial waste producers still need to purchase the pre-paid sacks to cover the cost of prcocessing, transporting and disposing of their waste produced.

What is the Cost for this Service?

Non-Domestic Business Rates (NDRs) do not cover the removal or disposal of waste from business premises, the Council will remove and dispose of waste from commercial businesses for the cost of a pre-paid commercial waste sack. For our up to date fees and charges please follow the link below:

Fees & Charges

Please note, if your property is dual rated, where an element of element of Council Tax i.e. because of a manager's flat. You are entitled to one residual 'black bag' waste sack and one recycling (blue household) sack. If you require more than this allowance please ensure you contact 424450. 

Holiday lets that are subject to Council Tax (rather than Non-Domestic Rates) are classed as ‘residential’ properties and therefore you are allowed 2 domestic waste per week for that property. This means that there will only be a charge for waste collection where additional bins of waste on top of this allowance are produced as a result of letting the property as holiday accommodation. 

For more information on the commercial waste & recycling sacks follow the link below:

Commercial Sacks

How Can I Reduce the Cost of Commercial Waste?

​Disposal of waste will normally cost more than recycling and should always be your last choice.

Reducing the amount of waste your business produces will always save money. An audit of your waste and recycling will show where wastage occurs and could help you form a waste reduction plan.