Household Fees & Charges

There are some charges in place for the disposal of some small amounts of Extra-Ordinary Household Waste, which includes DIY waste and other miscellanous items. There are also restrictions in place around how many times these items can be disposed of per year by householders. 


To view this information and prices please visit Extra-Ordinary Household Waste: New Charges and Restrictions | Council of the ISLES OF SCILLY where you can download our guidance. 


If you need support with disposing of this material please email



























*Can weigh up to 15kg per bag/sheet. This must be double wrapped and sealed

** Examples of DIY waste include:  bricks, breeze blocks, concrete, drainage pipes (ceramic/porcelain), gravel, hard-core, paving slabs, rubble, sand, sanitary ware (ceramic/porcelain toilets, bidets, sinks, shower trays, pipes, etc.), slates/slabs, stones, tarmac and tiles (ceramic, porcelain, floor, roof, wall)

Why do we charge for these items of waste?

The council does not have a statutory duty to dispose of these types of waste for free and most UK local authorities are now applying charges. Therefore, we would prefer to provide a convenient service for members of the public for a charge, rather than not offering this service at all. 

How do I pay?

Please ensure payment is made prior to your visit to the waste site at one of our Customer Hub locations either at the St Mary's Library or the Carn Gwaval Wellbeing Centre, or over the phone on 0300 1234 105, option 5.

Householder Electrical Collection Service

Item Description


Collection and Disposal of Small WEEE (Electrical Items)


Collection and Disposal of Large Bulky Electrical Items E.g. Fridges, Freezers (one item) Holding Charge


Collection and Disposal of Large Bulky Electrical Items E.g. Fridges, Freezers (two items) Holding Charge