Waste/Recycling and Covid 19


Household Waste and Recycling Sites 

Commerical Waste and Recycling Site

Waste With Possible Coronavirus Infection

Assisted Collections

Additional Waste Collection Service

Collections on St Marys are taking pace as normal, but collections may be later or earlier. Please ensure all waste is ready for collection by 8.30a.m on the day of your collection. If you need to report a missed collection please do this by 16.00 on your collection day. Please report all missed collections to enquiries@scilly.gov.uk or call 0300 1234 105 (Option 5)
Collections on St Martin’s are taking place as normal on Wednesdays.
Collections have begun on Bryher and will occur every Friday, until further notice
The Council’s Waste & Recycling sites across the Isles of Scilly reopened on Thursday 14 May 2020 with different operating hours and essential restrictions in place. This follows Government guidance on Managing Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs) in England during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Please ensure you read the guidance issued for each island before you plan a visit as it differs across our sites. We have also prepared some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you.
We emphasise the following important points to you before you plan a visit:
  • Residents must only visit sites if your waste and recycling cannot be stored at home safely or disposed of safely without causing risk of injury, health or harm.
  • Any residents who are extremely vulnerable and are remaining at home for shielding purposes, symptomatic with coronavirus (COVID-19); in a 14 day household isolation must not visit sites under any circumstances.
  • Social distancing of 2 metres must be observed on all sites where public access is granted. Anyone failing to comply with social distancing rules or advice issued by site operatives/contractors will be asked to leave the site. This may result in sites closing.
  • Please continue to consider whether you really need to undertake DIY or other tasks that could lead to a visit to the waste site. This will help ease the pressure on services at this time.
Please note that all waste and recycling collection services, including the Council’s additional collection service, as well as the community bring sites are continuing to operate as normal.
All waste and recycling site operations and services will be reviewed after one week. Any changes in our service provision will be communicated to residents as soon as possible.
Please contact the Council’s Infrastructure Department on 01720 424450 or email infrastructure@scilly.gov.uk for more information.

Commercial Waste and Recycling

If your business produces waste you need to ensure it is paid for as normal. All business have a Duty of Care in law to ensure all waste is stored and disposed of properly.

Commerical waste and recycling collections are continuing as normal for residual 'black bag' waste and dry mixed recycling. Please continue to purchase the Council's commercial waste & recycling sacks in order to have your commercial waste collected by the Council. You can order these via enquiries@scilly.gov.uk or by calling 0300 1234 105 (Option 5).

If you have commercial material that cannot be collected by the Council, please ensure this is bought to the Porthmellon Waste & Recycling site seperately.

The site is currently open on the following days for commercial customers:

Richard Hand Haulage: Mondays Only

Island Carriers: Wednesdays Only

All other commercial waste customers: Fridays Only

To ensure the health and safety of our waste & recycling operatives please do not get out of your vehicle when you come to the weighbridge. 

Please stay in your vehicle and communicate with staff through an open window keeping the 2 metre separation distance as required. 

Staff will remain in the weighbridge office. 

If you need to receive a copy of your weighbridge ticket, please communicate your email address to the weighbridge operator so we can send this to you electronically

If you require a commerical collection you will need to purchase the pre paid sacks. These will be deliveried to your property by our collection operatives. For the pre paid sacks please contact the customer hub team by emailing enquires@scilly.gov.uk or calling them on 0300 1234 105 option 5. 

Waste With Possible Coronavirus Infection

Guidance for the disposal of waste for households with possible coronavirus infection; Personal waste (such as used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths and any personal protective equipment including gloves, face masks) can be stored securely within disposable rubbish bags. These bags should be placed into another bag, tied securely and kept separate from other waste. This should be put aside for at least 72 hours before being put in your usual external household waste bin. Other household waste can be disposed of as normal. Please ensure that all waste is put in your residual waste bin and not with your recycling.
The Council offers Assisted Collections for those members of the community that require help with their waste & recycling collections either because of their age, disability or illness. If you need help with your waste collections, please contact the infrastructure department for more information.
The Council is pleased to inform residents that due to the dedication of our staff, the Waste & Recycling team will be offering householders a trial collection of additional waste & recycling material, at this challenging time. If you live on an off island and require support, please do get in touch with us.
Additional collections have been put in place to help alleviate the pressure caused by the temporary closure of the Porthmellon Waste & Recycling Site to householders due to the COVID-19 situation and government guidance on essential travel and social distancing.
The Council urges residents to only make use of this service on an urgent basis i.e. where waste would otherwise cause harm or a nuisance to you, other people or the environment if it were left.
As waste is an essential service we need to ensure the health and safety of our staff is maintained, especially at this time.
Priority will be given to more vulnerable members of the community where there is an essential need.


The Council’s Waste & Recycling team trialled the first additional collection on Tuesday 28th April. As this was successful we are able to continue with this on a weekly basis for more vulnerable residents. 
All material will need to be presented for collection at the kerbside no later than 8.30a.m (please use the same collection point as your usual weekly collection). If you are in need of an Assisted Collection, please make this known when placing your request.


  • Household Waste & Recycling only.
  • Garden Waste in standard residual ‘black bag’ waste bags, limit of 6 bags of this size, per property.
    Customers need to be able to pick the bags up themselves.
    Any bags which are too heavy for a collection operative to lift safely, won’t be accepted. If you would like to reuse your bag, please provide a container for your sack to be put back into.
  • Small Electrical Items no bigger than a household microwave e.g. toaster, kettle, iron, hair dryer, blender.
    Small, loose items i.e. batteries, cables, chargers, plugs, wires etc. need to be placed in a carrier bag and tied at the top. Any items/bags which are too heavy for a collection operative to lift safely will not be accepted.
  • Single items of Small ‘Bulky’ Waste items no bigger than a household microwave. Any items which are too heavy for one person to lift safely will not be accepted. Please ensure all small, loose items are bagged in carrier bag and are tied at the top.
  • Paint and household chemicals will not be accepted. Nor will items of DIY waste where there is normally a charge to householders for disposal. Please let us know if you have a concern regarding this waste type.
Richard Hand Haulage and Island Carriers are both working and available to help transport items which the Council cannot collect e.g. over-sized cardboard boxes, washing machines, fridge freezers, sofas etc. as usual. This needs to be by private arrangement.
All items must be booked in via the Council by calling the Infrastructure Department on 01720 424450 (voicemail messaging service only, please leave a contact name and number so we can get back to you) or by emailing infrastructure@scilly.gov.uk.
Please do not place bookings by commenting on this post as they will not be captured, thank you.
All bookings need to be made by Midday on Monday 27th April to be included in the first round of collections, if there is space.
Any items left for collection, which are not on the list, and agreed to by the Council through this system, will not be collected.
If you have any queries regarding this service or the items listed, please contact the Infrastructure department as noted above.
The Waste & Recycling team will review the service after one week.