Payments Over £250

The following files show payments to suppliers made by the Council of the Isles of Scilly that are over £250 in the preceding quarter.

All payments of £250 and over (inclusive of VAT) are included although the amount paid is shown net of VAT. This is the actual cost to the Council. All information is drawn from the Council's financial ledger.

Details of all expenditure apart from benefit payments and employee pay have been published. Where there is any specific sensitive information, this has been redacted (i.e the individual payments are still listed but no personal details have been disclosed). Redaction applies to social service payments to adults, children and foster carers.

The data is available free to download and re-use under the Terms and Conditions of the Open Government Licence .

We will endeavour to make new files available shortly after each quarter end. Files are available from December 2010.


You can use the year filter to see payments for previous years.
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Payments to Suppliers over £250 - 09/2017
Payments to Suppliers over £250 - 06/2017
Payments to Suppliers over £250 - 03/2017
Payments to Suppliers over £250 - 09/2016
Payments to Suppliers over £250 - 06/2016
Payments to Suppliers over £250 - 03/2016
Payments to Suppliers over £250 - 10/2015
Payments to Suppliers over £250 - 07/2015
Payments to Suppliers over £500 - 03/2015
Payments to Suppliers over £500 - 02/2015



The csv files conform to the standard format specified by Local Public Data Panel. To see how the Council of the Isles of Scilly has complied with the guidelines, please download our Meta Data.


If you have a query about the data published, please email us at: or contact the One Stop Shop on 0300 1234 105.

If the query is about a specific transaction, please quote the transaction number in the file.