Safer Scilly (Community Safety Partnership)

Safer Scilly (previously the Isles of Scilly Community Safety Partnership) was established in line with duties contained within the Crime and Disorder Act (1998).  This legislation placed responsibilities upon Local Authorities and the Police to work together in order to develop and implement a strategy to reduce crime and disorder in each local authority area. 

Membership of Safer Scilly includes:

  • Council of the Isles of Scilly
  • Local Policing Team
  • Fire Service
  • Ambulance Service
  • Five Island Academy
  • Health providers  
  • Probation Service

Through positive partnership action with a range of public, private, and voluntary groups, as well as with the local community, Safer Scilly aims to make our community safer by:

  • reducing crime and disorder including, anti social behaviour and other behaviour adversely affecting the local community and environment;
  • reducing re-offending;
  • reducing the harm caused by the misuse or drugs, alcohol and other substances;
  • promoting public reassurance;

In addition, Safer Scilly has identified the following three strategic priorities -

  • Raising awareness and improving access to Domestic Abuse support services
  • Promoting importance of Road Safety
  • Supporting initiatives that encourage safe levels of Alcohol consumption

Safer Scilly also assumes responsibility for coordinating a multi-agency response to the PREVENT agenda and legislation pertaining to counter terrorism.

Safer Scilly aims to meet at least three times per year with administrative support provided by the Council of the Isles of Scilly.

Funding to support the aims and aspirations of the partnership is provided by the Office of the Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner.

The partnership is a designated sub-group of the Isles of Scilly Health and Wellbeing Board.