Pre-School & Primary

Children’s Services is committed to ensuring that a high quality range of child support services are available throughout the community.  Affordable and accessible childcare is at the heart of service delivery whether this is through registered day-care provision, childminders or holiday clubs.  Overcoming geographical challenges to ensure there are equitable levels of provision across the Islands are considered in an attempt to meet the needs of all local children and parents.  Funding for families from the off-islands to access services is available, for more information contact the Children's Services team: Email:   Telephone:  0300 1234 105 Option 5

The Children's Services team provides a fully integrated service and support for families across the Isles of Scilly.  Bringing together services within Children's Services and partners to provide a wide range of activities to support families and children.  Work is undertaken with a range of partners including the Five Islands Academy, health services, Childcare providers, training and voluntary organisations focused on helping young people and their families.  The integrated approach aims to provide a universal service for our small Island community and to pick up and help address any issues at an early stage to the benefit of families across the Islands.