Schools & Colleges

Children’s PoliciesThe Isles of Scilly has one all-through school: Five Islands Academy which caters for pupils from Reception (rising 5) to Year 11 (age 16). 

Young people in Year 12 and Year 13 can access a range of post 16 education opportunities at mainland colleges, state boarding schools or work-based learning (apprenticeships).  For further information on travel and accommodation grants for Post 16 Student please see our Post 16 Information Guidance and Post 16 Transport Policy.  If you have any other questions regarding Post 16 Travel & Accommodation grants please contact Children's Services Administrator on 01720 424 495 or

Please note: If your child has been educated out of area (that is not on the Isles of Scilly) we will not have any information about your child becoming eligible for travel and accomodation grants and it will be your responsibility to contact the Local Autority. You can contact the Children's Services Administrator on 01720 424 495 or