Disabled Person's Blue Badge

Council of the Isles of Scilly operates the blue badge scheme on behalf of the Department of Transport to people who are registered blind, have considerable difficulty in walking or have non-visble (hidden) disability. This allows disabled people to park closer to shops or other facilities, whether driver or passenger.  Apply or renew online at the www.gov.uk/apply-blue-badge , where you will be taken to an eligibility checker, upon successful completion you can proceed to the application. If you need help with your online application or require further information, please contact Adult Social Care on 01720 424470. If you require a paper application form please contact the One Stop Shop by telephone at 01720 424400 or by email at enquiries@scilly.gov.uk.

The blue badge is recognised in some European countries, and allows you the same parking concessions as residents of the country you are visiting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can have a Blue Badge?

People who automatically get a Blue Badge

You automatically qualify for a Blue Badge if you are over 2 years old and at least one of the following applies:

  • you recive the higher rate of the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance
  • you receive a Personal Independance Payment because you can't walk more than 50 metres (a score of 8 points or more under the "moving around" activity of the mobility component)
  • you are registered blind (severely sight impaired)
  • you receive a War Pensioner's Mobility Suplement
  • you have received a lump sum benefit within tariff levels 1-8 of the Armed Forces and Reserve Forces (Compensation) Scheme and have been certified as having a permanent and substantial disability which causes inability to walk or very considerate difficulty in walking
  • you receive the mobilty component of PIP and have obtained 10 points specifically for descriptor E under the "planning and following journeys" activity, on the grounds that you are unable to undertake any journey because it would cause you overwhelming psychological distress

If you have any score other than 10 points under descriptor E, in the ‘planning and following journeys’ activity of PIP you may still be eligible for a Blue Badge, but you do not automatically qualify. This includes if you have a higher score of 12. You will have to provide evidence to demonstrate your eligibility which will be assessed as part of your application.​

People who may get a Blue Badge

You may be eligible for a badge if one or more of the following applies:

  •  you cannot walk at all
  • you find walking very difficult due to pain, breathlessness or the time it takes
  • you cannot walk without help from someone else or using mobility aids
  • walking is dangerous to your health and safety
  • ​you have a terminal illness, which means you cannot walk or find walking very difficult ans have a DS1500 form
  • you have a servere disability in both arms and drive regularly, but cannot operate pay-and-display parking machines
  • you have a child under the age of 3 with a medical condition that means the child always needs to be accompanied by bulky medical equipment
  • you have a child under the age of 3 with a medical condition that means the child must always be kept near a vehicle in case they need emergency medical treatment
  • you are constantly a significant risk to yourself or others near vehicles, in traffic or car parks
  • you struggle severely to plan or follow a jouney
  • you find it difficult or impossible to control your actions and lack of awareness of the impact you could have on others
  • you regularly have intense and overwhelming response to situations causing temporary loss of behavioural control
  • you frequently become extremely anxious or fearful of pubic/open spaces

Your local council will decide if you are eligible for a badge. They cannot start the assessment process until they have all the necessary evidence. It may take 12 weeks or longer to assess your application. If they decide that you are not eligible and you think that they did not take account of all the facts, you can ask them to consider your application again.

The information you provide in your application will be processed and shared with partner agencies in accordance with the Data Protection Act and may be used for the prevention and detection of fraud and shared with other appropriate bodies for auditing purposes.

How do I apply for a blue badge and how long will the process take?

Apply online at www.gov.uk/apply-blue-badge or you can also request a paper application form by ringing Customer Hub on 01720 424400 or emailing them at enquiries@scilly.gov.uk

If you have completed a paper form, please return it to a One Stop Shop located at the Library, Porthcressa or the Sports Hall, Carn Gwaval or by post to Adult Social Care, Council of the Isles of Scilly, Town Hall, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly TR21 0LW.

You should enclose with your application:

  • Proof of identification required
  • National Insurance number required
  • Details of your current blue badge, if you have one
  • Digital or signed photo required
  • The current fee for a Disabled Person's Badge is £10.00.

The Council accepts payments by *debit cards, cheques and cash for the £10.00 badge issue fee. Payments are to be made at the One Stop Shop, Town Hall, St. Mary's. Cheques are made payable to the Council of the Isles of Scilly. *Debit card payments can also be made over the phone to the Customer Hub on 01720 424400.  Payment will only be taken if your application for a Blue Badge is successful. You will only be issued with a Blue Badge once your payment has been received.  You will normally hear within four weeks whether your application has been successful.

What do I do if my Blue Badge is lost, stolen or faded?

Where a badge has been lost, stolen or destroyed, or has become so damaged/faded that is is illegible, a replacement badge can be issued.  You will also need to submit one photograph and a £10.00 fee (cheques made payable to Council of the Isles of Scilly). 

Please note that:

If the original badge has less than six months until it expires, you should apply for a renewal. If the original badge has more than six months until it expires, service users should write in to the Adult Social Care Office asking for a replacement and advising of the reasons why it is required. In the case of lost or stolen badges the applicant will be asked to provide the police crime report number.  In the case of faded or damaged badges, the existing badge should be returned. You should complete the form and return it to Adult Social Care, Council of the Isles of Scilly, Town Hall, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly TR21 0LW.

What should I do with the Blue Badge for someone who has died?

Badges must be returned following the death of a service user so that records can be updated on our system and badges destroyed. The badge can be posted to Adult Social Care, Council of the Isles of Scilly, Town Hall, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly TR21 0LW.

How do I renew my Blue Badge?

You can renew your badge online at www.gov.uk/apply-blue-badge or for a paper application contact the Customer Hub on 01720 424400 or email enquiries@scilly.gov.uk 

We need to treat each renewal like a new application to make sure we are issuing Blue Badges to people who meet the DfT guidance.

We do not issue standard reminders to renew your Blue Badge.

We need to receive your application at least four weeks before your badge is due to expire, to give us time to consider your application.  If your application is successful, your new badge will be sent to you approximately one week before the expiry of your current badge.