Community & Safety

For emergency situations including domestic abuse and sexual violence

Please call 999


Notice published 13 August 2021

Dear residents and visitors,

The Council works with Devon & Cornwall Police and other partners to combat nuisance, crime and disorder on the islands.

We are aware of recent reports of late-night noise emanating from the public areas of Hugh Town. The Council is working with other members of the Community Safety Partnership to address this within the legal powers available to local authorities and the police.

The Council is committed to providing clean, safe, and peaceful public spaces for people of all ages to enjoy responsibly, at any time of the day, especially during our balmy summer months.  


For non-emergency situations, please see the following advice:


There’s an incident causing me significant nuisance/concern now, who should I call?

You can call the Police non-emergency phone number at any time of the day or night by dialling 101. Please be aware that there may be a queue. You can see the likely wait times here:

 Contact us | Devon and Cornwall Police (



How do I report an incident?

You can find general advice on the Devon & Cornwall Police website


Without consistent reporting, the Council and its partners cannot understand the issues that affect people on the islands fully and be able to plan accordingly.


Please do not contact the Council’s out of hours phone number as this may cause you further delays, and may inconvenience those requiring emergency assistance in relation to our services. We understand that the wait periods when calling 101 may be frustrating but encourage all incidents to be reported.


Please report any sightings of dangerous items on the beaches at Porthcressa and Old Town to the Council by email to or alternatively (office hours only) 0300 1234 105. Council staff will then remove the items safely. All other beaches are managed by the Duchy of Cornwall.