Flood Risk Management

Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA)

Under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, the Council of the Isles of Scilly, as Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) for the islands has a duty to develop, maintain, apply and monitor a strategy for local flood risk management in its area.

The Isles of Scilly Local Flood Risk Management Strategy aims to reduce the number of people and properties at risk, increase community resilience and reduce the social and economic impact of flooding.

Local flood risk is defined as flood risk from surface runoff, groundwater and ordinary water courses, including references to lakes, ponds or other area of water which flows into an ordinary water course. However it is coastal erosion, tidal action and coastal flooding that pose by far and away the most significant flood risk to the islands. It is for this reason that the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy has been expanded to include the threat of coastal flooding. The Environment Agency is responsible for coastal flood and erosion risk management in England.

The strategy will help the local communities and businesses to better understand and manage flood risk on the islands. It includes an overview of flood risk on the islands and sets out the co-ordinated approach to managing and reducing these risks.The Strategy links national, regional and local approaches to flood risk management and needs to be considered alongside other strategies such as the local plan, transport plans, critical infrastructure planning, sustainable development, environmental and economic objectives.

The Strategy is currently being updated.