Household Waste

The Council operates a weekly household collection service on St Mary’s. On the islands of Bryher, St Agnes and St Martin's, the waste collections are carried out by private contractors on behalf of the Council and operate on a bring-to-site basis.

Household Waste Collections

The Council ask that the following points are carried out at all times to avoid waste collections being refused.

  • All household waste, including cold ash must be presented in tied black bin liners. Bin liners need to be purchased by the householder, and will not be provided by the Council.
  • All refuse must be presented at the boundary of your property for collection. If you have any mobility problem preventing you from carrying out your work, please inform the Infrastructure Department (01720 424450 / and we will try to arrange for some assistance.

It is the Council’s recommendation that waste be contained in a dustbin with the lid firmly in place to prevent animals/gulls interfering with your waste. If refuse bags become torn it is the responsibility of the householder to clean up any mess. We also like to encourage all householders to recycle their clean glass and cans at the bring-to sites located in Hugh Town, Old Town and on the Porthmellon Business Park.

For those who wish to dispose of any household waste themselves, the Porthmellon Waste Site has a specified public area where you are permitted to dispose of household waste, such as garden waste or bulky items, that are not included in the Council’s collection service. As these items are not included in the Council’s weekly collection service and should you need them collecting from your property you will need to arrange for collection with a local haulier, and all costs incurred will be the responsibility of the householder and not the Council.

If you need to report a missed collection, please contact the Infrastructure Department: 01720 424450 |


Porthmellon waste site opening times (household waste)

Tuesday 13:00 - 16:45

Thursday 13:00 - 16:45


CHARGES:  Extra-Ordinary Household DIY Waste for 2018/2019:

Asbestos: £11.50 per sheet or bag

  • A small domestic roofing sheet is approximately 180cm x 90cm. 
  • A bag is 18x29x39 inches (standard black bin back) and weighs no more than 15kg. 

A charge will be made for any item the site staff considers contains asbestos. All asbestos must be double wrapped/bagged in strong plastic. No more than 8 sheets/bags are permitted to be disposed of a week.

Plasterboard (including gypsum related products): £17.50 per sheet/bag

  • A standard large sheet is approximately 240cmx120xm
  • A bag is 18x29x39 inches (standard black bin bag) and weighs no more than 15kg. 

Plasterboard must be separate from other materials. No more than 8 sheets/bags are permitted to be disposed a week.

Tyres: £4.00 per tyre

Commercial and agricultural tyres have to be deposited on commercial waste days and incur a separate charge. There is no charge for bicycle tyres. No more than 4 tyres are permitted to be disposed of in any one visit. Visits to deposit tyres are limited to 2 per year.

Soil and rubble: £17.50 per sack

A sack is a sand/aggregate bag (maximum 18x29x39 inches) that can be safely lifted by one person and weighing no more than 15kg.

’Soil and rubble’ includes bricks, breeze blocks, concrete, drainage pipes (ceramic/porcelain), gravel hardcore, paving slabs, rubble, sand, sanitary wear (ceramic/porcelain toilets, bidets, sinks, shower trays, pipes etc), soil, slates/slabs, stones, tarmac, tiles (ceramic, porcelain, floor, roof, wall) and turf.

No more than 8 sheets/bags are permitted to be disposed of a week.