Payment issues and standing orders

We are aware that some customers are having difficulties with payments to the Council. In most cases this appears to be where customers have set up a standing order but have not notified us that they wish to make payments in this way. Unfortunately, if we do not receive confirmation of the method of payment, our systems will assume that you will be settling the account in full for the whole year rather than in instalments.

If you have received an overdue account notice (not a Council tax summons) in the last few days and you do not recognise any of the invoices or think you have already paid, please call the credit management team on 01209 614340 or email and someone will assist you.

If you have made arrangements with your bank to pay by instalments through standing orders, you will need to inform the credit management team on the above number or email address in order that your account is set up as an instalment account. Failure to do so could result in overdue notices being sent out as the system expects payment in full.

We understand that the transition of the Council’s finance systems has involved a lot of change for the public. We also recognise that it has taken some time for the teams in Cornwall and Scilly to adapt to this new way of working. We will continue to improve these processes and how we respond to enquiries and thank you for your patience.

Publishing date: 
Friday, 24 August, 2018