Planning Applications

Dealing with Your Application or Enquiry

While we work on a replacement Local Plan for the Isles of Scilly, the Council has agreed a partnership with Exmoor National Park Authority for them to provide support and advice with the planning work on the Islands. If you submit an application or enquiry to the Council, Exmoor Planning Officers may progress this work on our behalf. Please be assured that the Exmoor Officers are in regular contact, and working together, with Planning Officers on the Isles of Scilly so that there is consistency of advice. Any final decision on an application will be taken by the Council in the normal way. 

The list of planning applications is available to view below. Simply click on the application number for more information including descriptions, plans and documents, committee date (where relevant), decisions and details of how to make a representation. Our online archive only currently stretches back to March 2014. Should you wish to view a historic planning application that is not available here or if you would like to view a hard copy of any application then please contact the Planning Department on 01720 424350 or by email at

Should you wish to make a representation in relation to a live application, please see the applications individual page for details. The following document produced by Planning Aid indicates what sort of issues may or may not be relevant in the consideration and determination of the application.

Please note that a decision will normally be issued close to the decision due date (normally 8 weeks from validation for most applications) unless otherwise agreed with the applicant/agent. If the Committee date is blank, this means that the application is either being determined under the delegated powers of the Senior Manager for Infrastructure & Planning or it hasn't been determined whether the application requires a committee decision yet. Please note that a committee and delegated decisions under go the same consultation and consideration processes. 

Application number Site address Type Decision due Committee Date Decision
Planning application: P/14/035 Harbourside Hotel, The Quay, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly Listed Building Consent 03/09/14 Granted
Planning application: P/14/034 Harbourside Hotel, The Quay, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly Full 03/09/14 Granted
Planning application: P/14/033 Chy-An-Mor, Church Road, St Mary's Article 4 Direction 28/08/14 Granted
Planning application: P/14/032 Scillonia Building Supplies, 21 Porthmellon Industrial Estate, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0JY Full 26/08/14 24/07/14 Granted
Planning application: P/14/031 Porthcressa Flats, Porthcressa Road, St Mary's Full 21/08/14 24/07/14 Granted
Planning application: P/14/030 Fire Station, Churchtown, St Martins, Isles of Scilly Full 19/08/14 24/07/14 Granted
Planning application: P/14/029 Newfort House, Porthloo, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly Householder 15/08/14 24/07/14 Granted
Planning application: P/14/028 6 Buzza Street, St Mary's Article 4 Direction 25/07/14 24/07/14 Granted
Planning application: P/14/027 Well Cross Yard, Well Cross, St Mary's Variation/Removal of Condition 25/07/14 24/07/14 Granted
Planning application: P/14/026 Well Cross Yard, Well Cross, St Mary's Variation/Removal of Condition 25/07/14 24/07/14 Granted