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This website was launched on the 29th March 2014.

This Website & Data Protection

This website collects your data in two separate ways. Through forms that you interact with, and through cookies.

As a registered Data Controller under the Data Protection Act (1998) we abide by the principles of the act which ensure the safe processing and storage of our personal data. On certain occasions we will ask you to provide us with personal data (such as your name, address, date of birth) in order for us to provide you with all services that you are entitled to.

We will ensure that it will be collected and processed in a fair and lawful manner and for the reason we asked for it. Any of your data we collect will be treated responsibly and securely.

However we may share some data we collect within the Council of the Isles of Scilly itself and also with neighbouring District Councils and the County Council, in order to provide essential services to you and prevent and detect fraud.

Any personal data which you provide us via our website will come under the Data Protection Act. An explanation of the Act can be found here.


When you visit cookies are stored on your computer. These cookies are entirely harmless, and the vast majority of websites use cookies. Some of these cookies may control how some of the content appears on the site, and therefore disabling them may alter how the site looks. The main purpose of cookies however is so we can gather data on how people use our site (for instance what people search for, what pages they visit etc). We then use this data to continue to improve our website and the visitor experience. For this service we use Google analytics.

If you want, you can disable cookies being collected on your computer, or alter the settings on how your computer handles cookies.

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As there are a variety of different copyrights applicable to different images on this site, unless otherwise stated you should not reuse any image found on this site without contacting the Council.

Content Accuracy

We check our content regularly to ensure its accuracy and readability. We always aim to make sure our content is up to date, easy to read, and relevant.

However, the content is not guaranteed and we disclaim liability for injury, loss or damage arising from inaccuracies, omissions or interpretation of its content. If you believe any content to be inaccurate please contact us. The Council of the Isles of Scilly may change and improve information and services at any time.

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