Planning Applications

This is a list of all Planning Applications with all the most recent and 'live' applications appearing at the top.  Applications on this website go back to 2014.  If you would like to view anything prior to 2014 then please contact us at or give us a call via 01720 424455.  

Application number Site address Type Decision due Committee Date Decision
Planning application: P/18/048 Fire Station, 18 Porthmellon Industrial Estate, St Mary's Full 14/08/18 07/08/18 Granted
Planning application: P/18/046 Sylina, McFarland's Down, St Mary's, Isles Of Scilly. Full 01/08/18 Granted
Planning application: P/18/045 The Distillery, Old Town Lane, Old Town, St Mary's. Full 10/08/18 Granted
Planning application: P/18/044 Land Adjacent To Ocean View, Raven's lane, Old Grimsby, Tresco Full 04/08/18 10/07/18 Granted
Planning application: P/18/043 Site Adjacent to Old Grimsby Swimming Pool, Old Gimsby, Tresco, TR24 0PW Full 01/08/18 10/07/18 Granted
Planning application: P/18/042 Seafront Plot between existing cottages, Baywatch & Watchhouse, Old Grimsby Tresco Full 01/08/18 10/07/18 Granted
Planning application: P/18/039 Charlie's Cottage, 2 Buzza Road, Porthcressa, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0JQ Full 25/07/18 Granted
Planning application: P/18/038 Tower Cottage, The Garrison, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0LS Tree Works Application Granted
Planning application: P/18/036 Peninnis Farm Buildings, King Edwards Road, Hugh Town, St Mary's Full 16/07/18 10/07/18 Granted
Planning application: P/18/034 Carn Gwaval Health And Wellbeing Centre Carn Gwaval Old Town St Mary's Isles Of Scilly TR21 0NA Full 16/07/18 10/07/18 Granted


Please note that a decision will normally be issued close to the decision due date (normally 8 weeks from validation for most applications) unless otherwise agreed with the applicant/agent. If the Committee date is blank, this means that the application is either being determined under the delegated powers of the Senior Manager for Infrastructure & Planning or it hasn't been determined whether the application requires a committee decision yet. Please note that both committee and delegated decisions receive exactly the same level of officer assessment.