Assisted Collections

The Council of the Isles of Scilly recognises that some residents require assistance to place their waste and recycling at the designated collection point. Residents who are unable to transport their bins/bags to the required collection point, because of ill health, infirmity or disability, and without occupants in the household able to assist them (16 years and over), will be placed on the 'assisted collection' register upon request. Residents are required to complete an application form in order to qualify and cases are considered on their merits. Home visits or telephone contacts maybe carried out to agree a collection point. Electrical items can also be collected upon request to those already on the Assisted Collections register.

Assisted Collection policy details are available to download on the right of this page.

Assisted Collections Application is also available to download to the right of this page. Please complete the form and return it to the Infrastructure Department at the Town Hall.