Five Islands School

Headteacher Mrs Jo Yeates
Status Ages 5-16 all-through
Number of pupils 270 (approx.)
More information about the Five Islands School can be found on the Government Register of Schools.

The Five Islands school is an all-through, multi-site, voluntary controlled Church of England school, serving the island communities of Bryher, St Agnes, St Martin's, St Mary's and Tresco.

Primary aged school children are educated on their home island (except those on Bryher who are taught on Tresco). The St Mary's Base has primary and secondary provision. Secondary school pupils from the off-islands are able to board on St Mary's at Mundesley Boarding House (Monday - Thursday nights).

Term Dates

Term Dates 2017-18

Term Dates 2018-19

There are 195 days in the school year with 5 days scheduled by the school for staff 'In Service Training' (INSET). These dates can be found on the school's website.

Performance Tables and inspection reports

Please see the Department for Education's website for information about school performance.School inspection reports can be found on the OfSTED website.


If you are intending to relocate to the Isles of Scilly or have a child approaching school or nursery age, admission details can be found on the Five Islands School website.

Reports to Office of the School's Adjudicator

The Report to office of the School's Adjudicator can be viewed here.

The Five Islands School admissions policy can be viewed here.

End of Key Stage Test Moderation Processes

The EYFSP Teacher Assessment Moderation appeal process can be viewed here.

The Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessment Moderation Appeal Process can be viewed here.

The Key Stage 2 Moderation Appeal Process can be viewed here.