High-Grade Cardboard Guidance

The Council is making changes to the way we handle our waste & recycling to meet objectives set in the Waste Reduction Strategy. We can also make financial savings, ensure we keep up to date with legislation & deliver a more environmentally-friendly service.

What is the Cost?

Charges only apply for commercial cardboard from businesses and traders. The cost of dry mixed recycling has increased for 2021/2022, however, we have been able to offset this cost slightly by being able to pass on savings that we have achieved on shipping and mainland haulage, as we now bale and wrap all recycling. We can achieve further savings for our commercial customers if we send some recycling segregated, rather than mixed. At the moment we can do this with high-grade cardboard boxes from April 1st 2021 for a period of at least 12 months, with a view to extend.

High-grade cardboard boxes

£350.00 per tonne

Dry Mixed Recycling

£405.00 per tonne

*high-grade cardboard must meet our acceptance and quality criteria to be accepted at this price.

Quality Acceptance Criteria for High-Grade Cardboard

In order to achieve the best rate for the cardboard we send for processing, we need to receive it in the best possible condition from you, however it reaches us.

Cardboard must:

  • not include sticky tape;
  • not have any lining (thermal insulation), plastic wrap or polystyrene attached, or still inside;
  • be flattened before arrival at the site;
  • be clean and dry;

Please ensure your cardboard meets the above criteria before you visit the site, otherwise you may be turned away, or charged the residual waste disposal fee.

What is Included as High-Grade Cardboard?

 High quality corrugated cardboard i.e. amazon boxes.

What is Not Included as High-Grade Cardboard?

Loo roll inner tubes, cereal boxes, card sleeves on food packaging etc.

Can Cardboard Boxes be Collected Separately from My Business?

The Council is currently unable to collect cardboard from your premises separately as part of our kerbside collection service. You will need to contract a licensed waste haulier to collect and dispose of this material on your behalf.

Can I Access the Site Myself?

Yes. You will need to access the site on Commercial Waste & Recycling days as advertised on the Council's website. You will need to ensure you have a vehicle permit for the disposal of all commercial waste & recycling. Permit applications are available from the Council's website. All visits to the Porthmellon Waste & Recycling Site need to pre-booked in advance. For more information please see the below pages:

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