Commercial Sacks

Commercial business rates do not include the disposal of commercial waste. A commercial enterprise must arrange waste removal with the Council or another licenced waste carrier. It is the responsibility of the trader to dispose of their waste in accordance with the Duty of Care Act 1990. Please note that businesses have a Duty of Care to ensure that all waste is stored and disposed of responsibly.


Do I need to buy commercial sacks?

If you are trying to figure out if you should have commercial sacks, please see the following questions:

​Do you pay Non-domestic Rates?

​Does your business generate waste &/or recycling?

​Would you like the Council to collect your waste &/or recycling?


If you have answered YES to the questions above then you will need to purchase the commercial sacks. 


What do I get by using the council's commerical sacks?

Commercial business rates does not include the disposal of commercial waste or recycling. By purchasing the commercial sacks the Council will collect and dispose of your waste & recycling. 


How much are the commercial sacks?

Our prices for commercial sacks are set on a yearly basis by Full Council. To see our prices for this year please see our Fees & Charges.  


How do I purchase commercial sacks?

Commercial sacks can be purchased from either of our Customer Hub location (Carn Gwaval Wellbeing Centre or St Mary's Library). If you live on an off island and are unable to collect from one of our customer hub locations we do offer a delivery services (please note that there is an additional charge to this service if a freight number is not supplied). If you would like to order commercial sacks please fill out the Commercial Sack Request form, and pass it over to our infrastructure team at


Do I have to use the council and buy these sacks?

Commercial business rates do not include the disposal of commercial waste. Currently there are two alternative suppliers on the Isles of Scilly that offer a collection service, Richard Hand Haulage and Island Carriers. Both of these companies work indepently from the council's waste and recycling scheme.