Chairman's update on the coronavirus pandemic - 7 August 2020

This week we have been working on a letter to residents to ensure everyone is informed about where they can find the information they need in relation to coronavirus. Paper based communication is obviously difficult at a time when government advice is changing so quickly, but I felt that our plans and processes have stabilised sufficiently for us now to write to all residents and ensure that those without access to the internet are kept informed. I have complete confidence that our public health colleagues and officers are prepared to deal with any situations relating to the pandemic.

I would like to underline the importance of continuing to follow the latest guidance from government and Public Health.  I realise that as lockdown measures have been rolled back it can seem as if things are back to normal. But we can’t become complacent. The recent decision by government to postpone the next phase of restriction easing, and the accompanying local lockdowns elsewhere in the country, have emphasised the fact that nationally we are very much still dealing with a pandemic. It remains crucial that we continue to do the following, if we are to continue making progress in the right direction:

  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly (for at least 20 seconds). 

  • Use hand sanitiser where handwashing facilities are not available. 

  • Maintain appropriate social distancing (2 metres where possible). 

  • Wear a well-fitting face covering when on public transport, in transport hubs, shops, takeaway food and drink outlets and any other enclosed space where social distancing is difficult. This list is not exhaustive, and we ask that residents and visitors keep up to date with the latest government guidance, which changes on a regular basis. But above all, use your judgement and when in a crowded space either indoors or out, consider wearing a face covering.

I ask that you continue to think carefully about how your actions can affect the more vulnerable members of our community and take the care required to minimise the risk of spreading coronavirus at all times. If you think there is anyone within your household who is not accessing the latest information, please do your best to help them access and abide by it. The more of us who set a good example, the more people are likely to follow.  

Another point to reinforce is that we need to continue to keep Scilly tidy. Face coverings are an increasing source of litter and should be disposed of in general waste as they can’t be recycled. If you become aware of a litter problem, you can report this to or by calling 0300 1234 105 (option 5).

I will continue to update you as necessary and please remember your Council is here to support you and will do so in every way possible. All good wishes for a continued safe and enjoyable summer on Scilly as we recover from this unprecedented pandemic.

Publishing date: 
Friday, 7 August, 2020