Changes to bottle and clothes bank locations on St Mary's

Due to materials arriving and work beginning on the new Cultural Centre and Museum in the coming weeks, we will be removing the 2 bottle banks which are currently sited at the rear of the Town Hall on St Mary's (see image 1 below).

Image of the Town Hall on St Mary's with 2 bottle banks and a Salvation Army clothes bank located in the adjacent car park.
Image 1: current location of the bottle banks and Salvation Army clothes bank at the rear of the Town Hall on St Mary's


We have placed an additional bottle bank on the right-hand side of the Rechabite Slip as you look out over St Mary's harbour (see image 2 below) and we will be monitoring this site to determine whether they need more frequent emptying.

Image of the Rechabite slip, looking out over the harbour, with 3 bottle banks located on the right-hand side.
Image 2: new bottle and clothes recycling bank location at the Rechabite Slip


We’ve agreed with the Salvation Army that we will also host their clothes bank in this new location. If you have any questions relating to the clothes bank, please continue to contact the Salvation Army representative on 07817 236 326. Queries about the bottle banks can be directed to or 0300 1234 105.

Signage will temporarily be placed at the rear of the Town Hall, following the removal of the banks from this area, to make people aware of the new arrangements.

Publishing date: 
Wednesday, 15 May, 2024