Consultation extended: survey on transport and freight experiences now closes on 17 April 2023

The deadline for our consultation into transport and freight experiences has now been extended until 10am on Monday, 17 April 2023.

To complete the survey you will need the website address and codes on the letter we sent to you. If you no longer have your letter, you can call BMG Research, who will be able to provide you with access codes, at the contact details below.

This extension is intended to ensure that as many residents as possible have time to fill out the survey and share their views on the future of our lifeline transport and freight links. We’ve had a good response so far, with 285 people already completing the survey, but are keen to ensure we’ve captured the full range of perspectives on these issues.

The survey is necessary to provide government with recent evidence of residents’ transport and freight experiences. Your responses will be used to inform a revised business case which can take into account the impact of factors like affordability, accessibility and scheduling of these services on the quality of life on the islands.

Following feedback from those who have responded to the survey so far there are a few points we would like to clarify to help you understand why completing the survey is so important:

  • We want to hear from everyone in your household. Everyone aged 16 and over can complete the survey. It’s important we get views from a range of age groups (who may have different travel and freight requirements and experiences) to ensure we can demonstrate we have consulted everyone effectively. If not everyone in your household has completed the survey, please encourage them to do so using one of the remaining codes on the letter.
  • You can get additional codes. If you require more codes for members of your household who have not completed the survey, you can call BMG Research at the phone number below.
  • Your responses will remain anonymous. The Council and its project partners (the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group, Duchy of Cornwall and Tresco Estate) will not be able to view any information which would reveal the identity of any individual respondent. BMG Research are collecting and analysing the raw data and are able to identify which codes have been delivered to which property. They also have a general list of phone numbers related to Isles of Scilly postcodes which they are using to follow up. BMG Research will not share any information resulting from these phone calls which identifies individuals or links them to their responses.
  • Residents are now able to access freight questions. Following feedback from the community, we have ensured that freight questions are now accessible to all residents, where previously they were only available to businesses.
  • You don’t have to answer the demographic questions. Questions relating to your age, gender, employment status, current or previous employers or personal income are contained within the survey so we can build an overall picture of what is affordable for various groupings of respondents. There is a ‘prefer not to say’ option for each of these, but if you do choose to fill them out, your responses will help support our revised bid to government.
  • Questions about affordability of tickets, retail choices and standard of living. We appreciate that these questions can be tricky to answer, but they are important for benchmarking and will help BMG Research to build a picture for the islands as a whole, which can be compared to transport users across the UK. Please answer them as best you can and include any additional comments in the free text box at the end of the survey.
  • Please don’t submit more than one response per person. If you want to change your response to any of the survey questions in light of any of the above, you can call BMG Research on 0800 358 0337 and amend your response using your original code. Please don’t submit a second response if you have already submitted one yourself.
  • Contacting and being contacted by BMG Research. Following feedback we would like to reiterate that residents are welcome to leave a message for BMG Research at any time, but responses will be during the office hours below. We can now also reassure you that no household will receive calls after 7pm at night. BMG Research are making calls to try and better establish how many people have received the letter and reassure anyone who may be unsure about filling it out. If you would prefer not to receive calls from them in future, please let them know at the details below.

Contacting BMG Research

You can contact BMG Research about any of these issues from 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday on 0800 358 0337. You can find out more about the company on their website.

Publishing date: 
Monday, 27 March, 2023