Coronavirus support for businesses on the Isles of Scilly - April 2021 update

The government has allocated additional funds for businesses on the Isles of Scilly.

Restart Grant

Mandatory funding for businesses paying business rates will be administered by colleagues in Cornwall Council under the Restart Grant.

Payments to businesses under the Restart Grant will be linked to the business’ strand and rateable value as set out in the table below.

The Restart Grant will support non-essential retail premises in Strand 1 with a one-off payment.

Strand 2 of the Restart Grant will support hospitality, accommodation, leisure, personal care and gym business premises with a one-off payment.

Grant threshold for Restart Grant Strand 1 Strand 2
Rateable value £15k or under £2,667 £8,000
Rateable value £15k to £51k £4,000 £12,000
Rateable value greater than £51k £6,000 £18,000

Additional Restrictions Grant

 Additionally, the Council of the Isles of Scilly will administer the discretionary Additional Restrictions Grant.

The Additional Restrictions Grant is primarily aimed at businesses not in receipt of the mandatory payment schemes described above.

Who will receive this funding? 

The Council has been encouraged to support businesses from all sectors that have been severely impacted by restrictions but are not eligible for the Restart Grant scheme. 

All businesses that are trading may apply to receive funding under this scheme. There is no starting date from which businesses must have been trading in order to qualify for grant funding. A business is considered to be trading if it is engaged in business activity. This is interpreted as carrying on a trade or profession or buying and selling goods or services in order to generate turnover.

Eligible businesses could include tourism related businesses (including B&Bs), wholesalers, breweries, freelance and mobile businesses including caterers, hair and beauty providers, wraparound care providers, and other businesses that have not received other grant funding. If in doubt, please submit an application.

We have been allocated a total of £35,297. Payments to businesses will depend on the number of applications received and will not exceed the lowest banding of the Restart Grant (£2,667).

In determining the appropriate level of grant awarded the LA will consider whether or not the business is outside the business rate system, has not received any other grant support, the level of fixed costs to the business, the number of employees the business has, whether it is unable to trade online and the consequent scale of coronavirus losses.

Businesses will not be eligible if any of the following apply:

  • they have already received maximum levels of state aid subsidy
  • they are in administration or are insolvent 
  • ARG funding should not be used as a wage support mechanism, or for capital projects that do provide direct business support.

How to apply for the Additional Restrictions Grant:

Applications to the Additional Restrictions Grant can be made via our Collection Portal.

Please submit your Expression of Interest to our Collection Portal by 23:59 on 25 April 2021.

Please note eligibility checks will be made and fraudulent claims prosecuted.

Publishing date: 
Wednesday, 7 April, 2021