Council adopts Climate Change Action Plan

The Council has adopted a Climate Change Action Plan to help us reach our target of net zero carbon by 2030. 

The Climate Change Action Plan has been developed through consultation and engagement with the community and was adopted at Full Council in March 2022. The plan will be reviewed annually and progress made against our objectives will be reported to Full Council.

The plan sets out ten objectives which detail what we plan to do to combat our carbon emissions over the coming years. These objectives focus on the things we can control (through the direct management of sites and services) and those we can influence (by working with our community and local businesses) in order to achieve our target of net zero carbon by 2030. 

Our Climate Change Action Plan objectives: 

  1. We will ensure our net zero carbon ambition is at the heart of everything we do
  2. We will stop using fossil fuels, ensuring our buildings are zero carbon and energy efficient where possible
  3. We will ensure all new development across our islands is low carbon, embracing sustainable design and development, protecting our natural resources and conserving our unique habitats
  4. We will ensure our transport infrastructure supports clean, safe methods of travel, promoting active travel wherever possible
  5. We will work with our colleagues and partners to protect and enhance our natural environment, safeguarding our marine life and coastline landscapes to support nature recovery
  6. We will reduce our waste, and maximise recycling and reuse through our Waste Reduction Strategy
  7. We will adapt to our changing climate, protecting our homes, our livelihoods and our critical infrastructure from future flood risk and the wider impacts of climate change
  8. We will support our partners, stakeholders and local community on their journeys to carbon reduction
  9. We will engage, communicate and share our progress with our local community
  10. We will work with our regional and national policy makers to support our carbon ambitions

The plan also recognises action taken by the Council, our partner organisations and the wider community, over the last ten years. This includes investment into our critical infrastructure, a move away from fossil fuels, the installation of electric vehicle charging points and the protection of our marine and terrestrial habitats and species.

Lead Member for Environment, Environmental Services and Climate Change, Councillor Steve Watt said: “‘the adoption of the Climate Change Action Plan is a significant milestone in the Council’s ambition to achieve net zero carbon by 2030. I’m confident the plan will help the Council to take the necessary steps to protect our precious environment for future generations, whilst encouraging others to do the same."

You can read the Climate Change Action Plan in full, and download a copy of the document from our website.  


Publishing date: 
Friday, 18 March, 2022