Council Tax 13/14

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Full Council on Tuesday approved the Council Tax for the 2014/15 year, with an average Band D property next year due to pay £1,050.64, a rise of 1.99%, the first rise in over three years.

The rise equates to a little less than 40p per week per Band D property.

More Than a Thousand Bills Produced

The finance team at the Town Hall are now preparing to post out 1, 226 bills that should be landing on doormats in the next few weeks.

The Council Tax leaflet, which explains the tax, spending and other relevant information, will only be available in paper format on request and not sent out with the bills. This initiative will reduce printing and postage costs and help protect the environment. The leaflet will be available for download from the Council website at

Easy Ways to Pay

There are a number of ways to settle pay your council tax bill including Direct Debit, Standing Order, cheque, internet banking or cash or payment at the Town Hall in person or payment by debit or credit card.

Direct Debit offers a safe, secure and efficient way of paying household bills. Once a Direct Debit has been signed, payers have the peace of mind of knowing their bills are paid automatically on their behalf. Direct Debits are flexible, so there is no need to visit the bank each year to change the amount, as is the case with Standing Orders.

The Direct Debit Guarantee gives payers the reassurance of knowing they are protected by a number of safeguards, including an immediate money-back guarantee from their bank or building society if amounts are debited in error. Payers will receive advance notice from the Council if the date, amount or frequency of payment changes. Payers may also cancel Direct Debit payments at any time.

Help for Homes and Businesses Affected By Storms

The Government is offering support and assistance to homes affected by storms during the recent weather. There is a range of support measures in place including three month discounts on council tax and business rates for homes and businesses that were flooded during the winter storms. For more information, you can read a full press release on the Council's website.

Find Out More

For more information on Council Tax, valuation bands, exemptions and information, including links about to how your Council Tax is spent, please visit our web page


Publishing date: 
Thursday, 13 March, 2014