Education provision for critical workers

The Local Authority, Five Islands Academy and local childcare providers have been working together in light of the government’s directive regarding school, childcare provider and nursery closures.

We have now received guidance about what this means.

What does this mean for parents of children on Scilly?

  • The first message is, if you can keep your child at home, no matter what your working status is, then you should do this as long as it is safe for your child and they are not being cared for by someone in a vulnerable group.
  • However if as a key worker, you need your child to go in to one of the providers,  you can ask them to take your child.
  • Children with at least one parent or carer who are identified as critical workers by the government can send their children to school/childcare provider if required.
  • If your child is on the vulnerable list as having a social worker, an EHCP etc you do not have to send your child in – it is parental choice.
  • If you are unclear if you are a key worker, please ask one of the people listed below.
  • These settings will be open during the Easter Holidays and the same criteria will apply
  • All of the agencies involved are working together to provide the safest possible way to care for children without putting them or staff at further risk.
  • The situation is changing on a daily basis and we will endeavour to keep you informed

If you have any further questions please contact Jo Yeates, Five Islands Academy, Anna Wild, Cherry Blossom Childcare, or Lynn Plummer, Children and Family Services. Helen Glenn Registered Childminder ( remains available in line with the above guidance.

Anna Wild

Jo Yeates

Lynn Plummer

Publishing date: 
Friday, 20 March, 2020