Face coverings at the airport and when flying

From Monday 15 June 2020, passengers flying to and from Scilly are required to wear face coverings throughout their journey (including in the terminal buildings) until they leave arrivals at their destination.

Read the full government guidance on safer air travel for passengers at the following link: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-safer-air-travel-guidance-for-passengers


Government guidance: "If you can, you should wear a face covering in airports and onboard aircraft.

Some people may not be able to wear a face covering. For example, children under the age of 3, people with breathing difficulties and people whose disabilities makes it difficult for them to wear a face covering.

You should bring your own face covering for use throughout your journey. Bring spare face coverings for longer journeys and plastic bags to store used face coverings.

You should remove your face covering if asked to do so by police, border control or airport security for the purposes of identification.

It is important to use face coverings properly. Wash your hands before putting them on and after taking them off. Store face coverings hygienically when not in use.

Check your airline’s requirements before you travel. If you don’t have a face covering some airlines may stop you from boarding, if wearing a face covering is part of their conditions of carriage.

Some international destinations may require different face coverings or masks to the UK. See link to foreign travel advice below."

Publishing date: 
Saturday, 13 June, 2020