First Phase of Moorwell Work Comes to a Close

The first phase of the DEFRA funded contract to remove a predicted 2,700 tonnes of bulky and 'black bag' waste from Moorwell is nearly complete, ahead of the original deadline of the 31st March.

Despite the atrocious weather experienced on the islands in recent months and some delays to the boat getting on and off St Mary's. UES have made fantastic progress and have caught up with the original programme. To date, around 3,000 tonnes have been removed from Moorwell. The Council has taken the opportunity to export additional waste meaning that around 3,600 tonnes will have been removed from site.

The Council and the Environment Agency are in discussion to ensure that remaining materials can be retained on site avoiding the need to export any waste that can't be re-used as part of the final redevelopment of the Moorwell site. Construction waste, green waste and ash from the incinerator may be used in the future construction phase to redevelop the site as landscaping and noise attenuation banks.

This remaining waste will only need screening before it is fit for purpose to be reused on site . Some materials, such as the construction waste, will need crushing to generate recycled aggregate for use in future projects and therefore avoiding the need to import it from the mainland.

This is all part of redeveloping Moorwell into a modern waste facility and will commence the procurement of the next phase of works in the very near future.

Cllr Steve Sims, Chairman of General Purposes said: "UES have done a fantastic ruthlessly efficient job, ahead of schedule against a backdrop of exceptionally adverse weather conditions. After a 30 year hiatus the problem is finally being addressed."


Publishing date: 
Friday, 21 March, 2014