Flood warning for Isles of Scilly - Wednesday 1 November 2023


The Environment Agency has advised that flooding is expected for the Isles of Scilly including St Mary's, St Agnes, Bryher, Tresco and St Martins.

The forecast tide levels and sea conditions for the Isles of Scilly for the high tide on Wednesday 1 November at 6.26am are likely to cause coastal flooding, including overtopping of sea defences and sea spray in exposed coastal locations.

People are advised to stay away from the coastline for 2 hours either side of the high tide, in light of the predicted high wave heights and significant coastal wash expected.

Please note that the Met Office has also issued an amber warning for wind on Thursday, 2 November from 3am until 1pm. We therefore advise householders to check gardens and properties for anything loose that might need securing such as trampolines and smaller boats that may be lifted and blown by the strong winds forecast over the next few days.

We will be checking drains which have flooded in the past to ensure they are clear of leaves, but please be aware that the strong winds could result in more leaves falling and creating further flooding problems.

For up-to-date flooding information you can call 0345 988 1188.

Publishing date: 
Tuesday, 31 October, 2023