Islanders Share their Views on Economic Plan for the Islands

Aerial view of Scilly

On Tuesday evening, around 70 people from across the Islands attended a presentation at the Town Hall to discuss the Strategic Economic Plan for the Islands. The report identifies and analyses the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and vulnerabilities of the islands in the face of a changing economic and social landscape.

Following the presentation from Simon Hooton of Ash Futures, there was a lively and informed discussion on a range of topics from the impacts of climate change; infrastructure needs and to the importance of getting the balance right between preserving the natural beauty and peace of our islands whilst enabling change to ensure the future viability of our community.

Chairman of Council Amanda Martin invited Chief Executive, Theo Leijser, Senior Manager  - Strategic Development, Diana Mompoloki,  Duchy of Cornwall Land Steward, Chris Gregory, and the Chief Executive of the Isles of Scilly Steamship Group, Rob Goldsmith, to join Simon to answer questions from the audience.

In summing up, Theo Leijser stated that the plan is not a Council initiative but rather a Council-led community initiative. He stressed the importance of the community getting together to shape its own future.

If anyone would like a copy of the final report from Ash Futures you can download it here or obtain a hard copy by request to the One Stop Shop ( or 01720 424000).

Please accept our apologies  for the incorrect information on the website regarding the start time of the meeting. Anyone wishing for further information, please contact the Town Hall.


Publishing date: 
Thursday, 10 July, 2014