New fees and restrictions apply for extra-ordinary household DIY waste

From 1 April 2021, the Council is introducing a new charging structure for small amounts of extra-ordinary household DIY waste, replacing the existing structure which was approved by Members in 2018/2019.

The new ‘Pay as You Throw’ scheme for householders applies to volumes of waste, rather than individual items. The Council is also introducing a 6-yearly limit on the number of visits householders can make to dispose of this material.

Household DIY waste is construction and demolition waste that is generated through building or renovation work that is undertaken by householders. The Council does not accept commercial waste of this nature.

Under waste legislation, DIY waste is classed as industrial waste, even if it is generated at home. The Council recognises, however, that many householders carry out small DIY projects, and by applying a small charge to cover handling and disposal, we are able to offer this service to residents.

The Council does not accept large amounts of DIY waste and is required to restrict the amounts to control costs to the council taxpayer, stop traders from disposing of commercial waste and improve the site’s management and health and safety.

Councillor Steve Sims, Lead Member for Place says: "If you have small amounts of household DIY waste you can bring it to the Porthmellon Waste and Recycling Centre. If you are planning a project that is going to create a lot of waste, do your best to reduce and reuse as much as possible before you look to dispose of it. We hope that the new ‘Pay as You Throw’ pricing structure will make it easier for residents."

From 1 April, if you have waste of this nature that you need to dispose of, you will need to ensure it is declared accurately at the time of booking and our admin team will advise you on how to pay. This information is then passed on to our waste and recycling operations team as part of your booking. You may be turned away from site if you do not accurately declare waste volumes when booking a visiting slot.

For more detailed guidance and information on what’s included, please visit Extra-Ordinary Household Waste: New Charges and Restrictions | Council of the ISLES OF SCILLY.


Publishing date: 
Monday, 15 March, 2021