New litter bins on St Mary's

You may have noticed some new litter bins around St Mary’s recently. These bins are the result of £25,000 received from the Resource Action Fund Binfrastructure Grant which we announced back in May. The grant has fully covered the cost of the bins and contributed towards shipping and installation.

There are 56 new bins in total, comprised of: 40 litter and dog waste bins, 11 dual litter and recycling bins, and 5 dog waste bins. The majority of the bins will be located in Hugh Town, with two of the dual litter and recycling units being installed at the airport. The bins located in Hugh Town feature seagull-proof flaps to help stop waste being strewn in our open spaces.

We will also be introducing more dual litter and recycling bins before next season, to help everyone recycle more on-the-go.

Funding to support the purchase of these bins has been provided by the ‘Resource Action Fund Binfrastructure Grant,’ accessed through the Waste & Resources Action Fund (WRAP). WRAP is a charity specialising in sustainable resource use, on behalf of the Department for Food and Rural Affairs.

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Image of one of the new bins

Publishing date: 
Tuesday, 14 December, 2021