New Road Markings in Place

As part of the St Mary’s road resurfacing project the Council of the Isles of Scilly has reviewed and renewed the road markings across the island and introduced new, safer junction layouts, central line markings and parking restrictions by means of yellow lines.

St Mary’s has had yellow lines for a number of years and the road resurfacing project has enabled the Local Authority to review all Road Traffic Orders and ensure the signage and line markings are correct and enforceable. 

Road Traffic Orders were put in place to prevent congestion and improve safety and after consultation with many residents and organisations, including the Islands’ Partnership, we have been asked to address congestion, particularly through Hugh Street.

We therefore urge everyone to support the implementation of all new road markings and in particular the yellow lines on Hugh Street. Free parking is still abundant on St Mary’s. There are now at least 26 marked parking bays behind the Town Hall and in the Mermaid Car Park. There are also a number of roads in town with no Road Traffic Orders where drivers can park their vehicles legally.

Residents with a mobility issue can contact the One Stop Shop at the Town Hall to pick up an application for a Blue Badge or download the relevant form from our website by clicking here.

Publishing date: 
Friday, 24 October, 2014