Relocation of bottle banks following community feedback

Following the public opposition to the siting of bottle banks on the Rechabite Slip, we have identified an alternative location. Three bottle banks will now be placed on the boat park, adjacent to the public toilets on The Strand (see image below). The Salvation Army Clothing Bank will also be placed in this location.

Photograph of the gable end of the public toilet building on the Strand, St Mary's, showing boat parking spaces currently occupied by boats and a bike.
Image: new location for the bottle and clothing banks alongside the public toilet block on The Strand

The bottle banks will be relocated this week. This is a temporary location for the summer season. The bottle banks will be completely removed in 2025, at the point the glass recycling collection service is rolled out. Signage will temporarily be placed at the rear of the Town Hall, following the removal of the banks from this area, to make people aware of the new arrangements.

The decision to relocate the bottle and clothes banks to this area follows a review of alterative locations following the feedback received from the community (see our options table below). This new spot was considered to be the best option for balancing the need to enable high levels of glass recycling in Hugh Town with other considerations.

As we will need to be able to empty the bottle banks regularly, we ask that people avoid parking on the section of the highway in front of them. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank those who have agreed to give up their boat parking space for the remainder of this season in order to enable us to relocate the banks.

Councillor Harry Legg, Lead Member for Environment, Environmental Services and Climate Change, said: “I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to contact the council to make their views known on the location of the bottle banks. We understand the concerns around slipway access, safety and the effect on the appearance of the area and think that this alternative location offers a better compromise. The Cultural Centre and Museum project is a major priority for the council so it is essential that we can enable the redevelopment work to run smoothly, and this will inevitably result in some disruption over the coming months. We encourage everyone to keep in touch with the council to make us aware if and when any further concerns arise so we can keep this disruption to a minimum.”

If you have any questions relating to the bottle banks, please contact us at or 0300 1234 105.


Table of suggested locations for the bottle banks and officer responses

Suggested locations

Officer responses

Outside the front of the town hall

The bottle banks placed in this location would obscure visibility at the junction.

Furthermore, this area is due to be partially cordoned off by the redevelopment for the museum and cultural centre, with a one-way system in place. It would be challenging for loading and unloading and would cause issues for traffic flows and Highway Safety.

This location is deemed inappropriate.

Back of the toilets like they used to be

There is space for 3x bottle banks, and the clothing bank, at gable end of the toilet block. We would need to ask 2x boat space users to relocate their craft to an alternative location, likely to be on the slipway itself, against the wall.

A Trader has been given Street Trading Licence approval to trade from the west side of the slipway. It is not appropriate to ask the Street Trader to relocate to the other side of the slipway as they need power supply from the toilets, which would mean a cable extending across the slipway.  The are visual concerns for Highway users if the banks are to be placed here.

This location is deemed inappropriate.

Outside the front of the Methodist Chapel

The are visual concerns for Highway users if the banks are to be placed here.

This location is deemed inappropriate.

By the side of the Library

The bottle banks are too wide and will restrict access along the path. Area is largely residential.

This location is deemed inappropriate.

Carn Thomas This has been explored with the owner of the land and they have confirmed they are unable to support this due to concerns about the public accessing this area.
Area of land Opposite Carn Thomas

This area is closed to the public and isn’t safe for the public to access.

This location is deemed inappropriate.

Outside gates of Moorwell waste site

Site is too far out of town and will be a barrier for people who don’t have a car, therefore people’s ability to recycle will be limited.

This location is deemed inappropriate.


Publishing date: 
Wednesday, 22 May, 2024