Removal of plastic ramps from the road opposite Old Town Bay 

Following feedback from the community about the temporary ramps on the road opposite Old Town Bay, we have removed the ramps and put in place an alternative solution until planned flood defence infrastructure can be installed. We would like to apologise for any noise and disruption the plastic ramps caused.

The trench across the road was dug in December 2023 for the installation of demountable sea-defence infrastructure. The installation of the sea-defence infrastructure created some unacceptable levels in the highway. We are working with partners to design and install a permanent solution to protect the infrastructure and even out the levels on the highway. Once the new design is complete, the covers will need to be manufactured, delivered and installed. We do not yet have an expected completion date for the works, but will provide an update as soon as we do.

We ask that road users continue to take extra care when using this part of the highway. 

If any further issues arise, please don’t hesitate to contact the highways team at

Image of the filled trench on a road in Old Town, St Mary's.


Publishing date: 
Thursday, 30 May, 2024