Results of European Parliamentary election for the Isles of Scilly

The results of the European Parliamentary election on 23 May 2019 for the Isles of Scilly local counting area have now been declared.

The number of votes cast for each party and individual candidate was as follows:

Candidate Votes
The Brexit Party 238
Green Party 212
Liberal Democrats 206
Conservative and Unionist Party 90
Labour Party 49
Change UK - The Independent Group 31
UK Independence Party (UKIP) 20
Seed, Neville (Independent) 4
English Democrats 3
Maxey, Larch Ian Albert Frank (Independent) 3
Rahman, Mothiur (Independent) 0

The total number of valid votes was 856.

The turnout was 55%.

The official declaration of the result may be found here.

The overall result for the South West region will be provided by the Regional Returning Officer at BCP Council.

Publishing date: 
Sunday, 26 May, 2019