Road Resurfacing Update - 1st July

A view of the road on the Strand.

A short programme of road works for Tuesday 1st July and Wednesday 2nd July is as follows:-

Tuesday 1st July 2014

Following the planing off of the existing surfacing on Strand and Lower Strand yesterday works on Wednesday will comprise the resurfacing of the Strand from the Old School to the Rechabite Slip / Well Cross junction. When this point has been reached the resurfacing will either continue along the Lower Strand to the Scillonian Club if all preparation works are ready or if not thenresurfacing of Well Cross and the square outside the Methodist Church will be done. 

Wednesday 2nd July

Resurfacing works will continue on the roads not completed on Tuesday which will be either Well Cross and the square outside the Methodist Church or the Lower Strand up to the Scillonian Club. Planing and preparation works on Wednesday will be done in the section of the Lower Strand from the Scillonian Club to the junction with Church street by the Town Hall. This will be followed by resurfacing of this area.

Route advice

All traffic from Hugh Town to and from both the airport and the country areas will have to pass along Church Street and then can go either via the Old School and Telegraph Road or via Church Road and Old Town. For any access to houses, flats and businesses along the affected routes please ask any of the workforce or their supervisor and they will help you get to your destination either by moving vehicles on footpaths or carrying bags and belongings.

Work will not start before 0830 and will finish by 1900 (7 pm) so disturbance can be minmised. Please note that the programme can change due to weather and operational reasons but we do not anticipate any change in the short term works described.
Lagan Construction Ltd sincerely apologises for any disturbance during these works and thanks you in advance for your co-operation and forbearance. Please contact us on 07825 167569 if there are any problems during this work.

Photo: David Lally

Publishing date: 
Tuesday, 1 July, 2014