Road Resurfacing Update - 3rd July

Lagan site at Parting Can

Following the completion of works on the Strand, Lower Strand and Well Cross the resurfacing team has switched to the airport.

The works that will be undertaken today will be the surfacing of the first layer on the new access road to the terminal. This will be followed by the resurfacing across the junction at the bottom of the Airport Road up to the pottery on Old Town Lane towards Parting Carn. Also there will be necessary planing and raising of ironwork in advance to prepare the road for the resurfacing operation.

Route advice

After completion of the new access road to the airport the works will affect the junction at the bottom of the airport road. All traffic to & from Hugh Town to & from the airport is advised to travel via Old Town. Also any traffic from the country areas to Hugh Town is advised to travel via Parting Carn and Telegraph Road and vice versa.

All efforts will be made to help people negotiate the junction at the bottom of the Airport Road – it will be passable at all times to Old Town. Please be aware that, due to works at the airport, there is no facility for parking cars. Space is severely restricted at the front of the terminal, the regular buses that meet flights are still able to use the area and cars only for pick up and drop off.

Please note that the programme can change due to weather and operational reasons but we do not anticipate any change in the short term works described.

Lagan Construction Ltd sincerely apologises for any disturbance during these works and thanks you in advance for your co-operation and forbearance. Please contact us on 07825 167569 if there are any problems during this work.

Publishing date: 
Thursday, 3 July, 2014