Roads and Runways Update - July 31

 Aggregate offloading Tuesday night 30th July

Following last night’s exercise in off-loading aggregates from the coaster MV River Trader, please be advised that due to the low tides encountered in the latter part of the night we are unable to complete the discharge. We estimate that 28% of the cargo remains to be offloaded.

Therefore the offloading will continue this evening until completion. As the cargo now lies at the bottom of the vessel the speed of off -loading will be slower than Tuesday evening. The operations will have started by the time you receive this email. It is very difficult to predict a completion time but the time we are targeting is midnight. We would be disappointed if it goes on longer than this as we are conscious of causing more disruption later into the night than necessary but we cannot guarantee the time of completion.

The route will be the same as on previous occasions and starts at the Quay, via Hugh Street, Church Street, the Old School, Telegraph Road, Parting Carn Farm and to the site. The return journey will be the same with the empty trailers passing along the Strand rather than Church Street.

Garrison Hill – Resurfacing Works - Thursday 31st July

The preparation works for resurfacing of Garrison Hill have been going one for the last 2 days. It is intended that this street will be ready for resurfacing on Thursday 31st July in the afternoon. It should be open to traffic on Thursday evening.

A big thank you is due to all businesses, residents and guests for their co-operation during these works.

On Friday and over the weekend the asphalting works will revert to the airport.

We will advise soon of the future programme of further aggregate off-loading and asphalt works in Hugh Town.


Lagan Construction Ltd sincerely apologises for any disturbance this essential operation causes and thanks you in advance for your continuing co-operation and forbearance.

Please contact us on 07825 167569 if there are any problems during this work.

Publishing date: 
Tuesday, 29 July, 2014