Summer Reading Challenge Launched

It was a fantastic fun-filled morning at the library on Monday for the launch of The Mythical Maze Summer Reading Challenge 2014.

Activities included storytelling, face painting and lots of colouring but the highlight had to be the Mythical Creature Character Hunt. Creatures were hidden throughout the library and once hunted down the children used a free app which brought the illustrations to life on Ipads and smartphones, unlocking all sorts of games that they could then play at home. The event was a great success and the library gained many new members.

Mythical Maze is organised by The Reading Agency charity and your local library. It is absolutely free to take part and is a really fun way to encourage children to read through the school holidays.

Over 60 children have already signed up to the challenge and we hope to gather more throughout the summer. Children can sign up at the library and will receive a free poster. A set of stickers are awarded upon completion of two books and further prizes and incentives are offered to encourage participants to stick with the challenge and fill the gaps on their poster.

The ultimate challenge is to read 6 books and a medal and a certificate of merit is awarded to all who achieve this feat.

A huge thank you to our volunteer storyteller and face painter Rachel Easterbrook and Keri Lock who helped make the launch day so exciting for the children.

You can find out more information about the Summer Reading Challenge  here.


Publishing date: 
Tuesday, 29 July, 2014